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Spa-Like Office Setting

Our office provides a “non-clinical” environment and an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Everything from the earth-tone color combinations of our walls and equipment to the ambient aroma of our office has been thoughtfully selected for your pleasure and comfort.

Our office is equipped with Free Wi-Fi internet access in the Waiting Room.

 Dentistry for Adults and Children

Our 18 years of practice have been geared toward families, providing care from the youngest to the oldest family members. State-of-the-art anesthesia, which makes modern dentistry virtually painless, ensures that the days of being afraid to go to the dentist are history. With new preventive procedures, children rarely get decay and actually enjoy going to the dentist. It is very important for a child to have healthy dental habits and good oral health from a very young age ~ their first visit should be at around age four. It is also imperative for your dentist to monitor the constant changes within your child’s mouth as they grow into adulthood. Early establishment of healthy dental habits and affirming the importance of regular dental care are paramount and will be maintained by your child throughout their life.



  • As per OSHA standards, all instruments are first cleaned ultrasonically then individually bagged and sterilized in one of our steam heat autoclaves, which are checked weekly through spore testing by an independent laboratory.


  • All rooms are sprayed, cleaned and disinfected with anti-viral and anti-bacterial spray after every patient. All air, water and suction tips are disposable ~ discarded and replaced with new, fresh tips for every patient.




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